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Areas of Practice

Our dietitians have the collective experience and network to deal with any general dietetic issue whether you’re seeking advice related to a chronic health condition, a sporting endeavour, or you just want to feel better and more energetic. 

Our dietitians do have a particular interest in the following areas:

Women’s Health

We offer nutritional advice to assist women for every phase of life.  This includes providing guidance relating to issues of fertility, pregnancy and menopause.  Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) is a condition which the team is also here to help with.

Gastrointestinal Health (FODMAPS treatment, IBS, Coeliac Disease and Inflammatory Bowel Disease)

We understand the discomfort and inconvenience associated with gastrointestinal health issues.  Our dietitians can provide evidence based advice to manage these conditions.  Fibre and gut health is centrally important for optimal health and wellness, and our dietitians can assist with building your gut health.

Diabetes and Cardiovascular Health


Our dietitians have expertise in dealing with diabetes and cardiovascular related issues and can provide the guidance for management of these conditions.  This includes explaining dietary needs, the function of glucose and insulin, the role of carbohydrate and the glycemic index, dietary fats and cholesterol management, as well as sodium and hypertension management. 

Aged Care (Geriatric Nutrition)

We have offerings tailored to addressing the special needs of elderly clients.  In addition to one on one or group consults, this includes servicing aged care facilities and providing resident nutrition assessments, menu reviews and education sessions to facility staff.    

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