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Our Team

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We have a team of six dietitians with a combined nutritional experience of over 15 years who are committed to working with you on your health goals.  Whether you’re looking for dietetic advice because of a health condition, a sporting need, or you just want to feel better and more energetic, we have the team with the breadth of experience to support you through the process.

Suzi Ristevski, Founder and Lead Dietitian at Nutrilicious Dietetics.

Suzi started out as a nutritionist after completing her Nutritional Science degree at La Trobe University.  Her Honours research and thesis sparked an interest in the glycemic index (GI), fibre, and gastrointestinal health; areas which have formed a core part of her practice for over twelve years.

Suzi is a dietitian, and artist who is passionate about the wellness of her clientele and is focused on achieving sustainable long-term results.  Suzi’s areas of interest are PCOS, women’s health (including pregnancy, fertility and menopause), gastrointestinal disorders (such as FODMAPS and IBS) and geriatric nutrition.

Upon achieving First Class Honours, Suzi worked in nutritional research with the International Diabetes Institute (now Baker Heart & Diabetes Institute) and then turned her attention to the Masters’ degree in Nutrition of Dietetics at Deakin University.  Suzi then commenced building up her private practice which has now grown to over ten locations around Melbourne.

In addition, Suzi has also lectured at La Trobe University for the Bachelor of Nutritional Science, and has facilitated many nutrition sessions for the Victorian Government’s Life! Program, and also provides services in aged care and clinical trials.  Suzi recently commenced her PhD studies researching the Mediterranean diet, nutritional genomics and the gut microbiome.         

Zorica Sekuloska, Senior Accredited Practising Dietitian.


Zorica started work with Nutrilicious Dietetics in 2010 as a Nutrition Assistant, a position she held whilst undertaking her Human Nutrition degree at La Trobe University.  Zorica achieved the degree with Honours in 2012, before progressing to the Master of Dietetic Practice.  Zorica’s Honours research project evaluated the nutritional status of the adult cystic fibrosis population of Victoria using body mass index and body composition methods.

Zorica is passionate about diet-related disease prevention, focusing on a balanced diet and healthy living.  Her passion for dietetics developed at a young age having witnessed the health difficulties of family members related to nutrition.  She has developed a particular interest in gastroenterological health, diabetes and cardiovascular health. 

Zorica also has a passion for providing nutritional education and tailoring nutritional advice for each individual she consults.  Zorica has also gained experience as a Dietitian and Facilitator with the Victorian Government’s Life! Program, whilst also continuing her work with Nutrilicious Dietetics.  

Simone Coutts, née Karafilis, Senior Accredited Practising Dietitian.

Simone holds a Bachelor of Health Sciences degree and a Master degree in Dietetic Practice from La Trobe University.  She joined the team at Nutrilicious Dietetics as a Consulting Dietitian drawing from her experience working with Nutrition Australia, in various aged care facilities and as facilitator for the Victorian Government’s Life! program.  Simone currently works as dietitian at a local community healthcare service in which her role consists of a variety of individual consultations, group education sessions and cooking demonstrations to name a few!

Simone is passionate about teaching her love for food and nutrition, healthy living, and assisting others to optimise their health outcomes.  Her particular interests include 'Health At Every Size' (HAES), aged care, chronic disease prevention and women’s health.  Simone has a desire to further develop her expertise to include sports nutrition and paediatric nutrition.

Sara Smilevska, Accredited Practising Dietitian & Professional Development Coordinator.

Sara is an enthusiastic and highly motivated dietitian who has completed her Bachelor of Human Nutrition degree and Master of Dietetic Practice degree at La Trobe University. Sara has developed an interest in clinical and private practice dietetics and is excited by the variety of work she encounters in these fields.  Accordingly, Sara enjoys keeping up with all areas of clinical nutrition.


Sara brings forth a fresh and passionate approach in her patient consultations, always striving to provide comprehensive nutritional care with a diligent outlook in optimising the patient’s nutritional health and status. Sara believes that an empathetic nature is key to understanding individual needs and empowering patients.


In addition to her university experiences in clinical, community and food service dietetics, her professional experiences in the areas of pathology, research and public health promotion has influenced the way in which she engages with patient needs. Sara is passionate about translating nutritional science into practical advice and the provision of nutrition education. Her areas of interest in dietetics include fertility and pregnancy, early development and paediatric nutrition as well as gastrointestinal health. 

Vanessa Krynicki, Accredited Practising Dietitian (Provisional).

Vanessa is a highly motivated and empathetic dietitian who has completed the Bachelor of Human Nutrition at La Trobe University and the Master of Dietetics at Monash University.

Vanessa has previous experience in weight management via one on one consultations and this is where her interest to work in a private practice setting began. Her passion to work in private practice is due to the nature of continuous care and the development of strong relationships with clients. Vanessa is aware that there is no single approach when it comes to nutrition management. She will work collaboratively with you to meet your goals, demonstrating an individualised and client centred care approach, which promotes sustainable and achievable nutrition advice.

During Vanessa’s spare time she loves to travel, keep active and read about key nutrition related topics in order to be up to date with the latest emerging evidence.

Vanessa’s dietetic interests include supporting and educating clients on weight management, diabetes, cardiovascular health, PCOS and gastrointestinal health. Vanessa is here to provide you with support and guidance that will assist you in achieving your health and wellness goals.  

Bianca Trajcevski, Accredited Practising Dietitian (Provisional) 


Bianca, a dietitian filled with enthusiasm and compassion, completed her Bachelor of Food and Nutrition Sciences and Master of Dietetics degrees at Deakin University. 


Bianca works to positively impact peoples' lives with nutrition and evidence-based health education. She aims to provide practical information that fits into the individual’s lifestyle. Amongst her private-practice work, Bianca has previously consulted for a health and fitness smartphone app, presented health seminars at local clinics and contributed to women’s health blogs on pre-conception nutrition.


Bianca’s dietetic services include healthy eating, weight management, vegetarian or vegan diets, diabetes, and Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Bianca also offers her knowledge in nutrition for fertility and pregnancy to benefit those wanting to grow their families. 

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